Thursday, April 3, 2008

The one without form

Wow, what an adventure.

I made a joke to Darren as I was leaving Sydney, that I was about to get on the plane and disappear from the world for two days. "Two days to go back to Manila? That's crazy talk," he responds.

Funny how things can come true sometimes.

My flight from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur was supposed to take off at 10:40. 10:40 rolls around, and nobody has boarded the plane yet. Turns out there's an engineering problem, and the guys just finished working on the issue. Unfortunately, it's now almost 11 pm, and Sydney has this flight curfew. No flights out of the area after 11. Yikes!

Well, the flight got delayed. We are to stay overnight in Sydney, and take the next plane out of the city, which is 12:30 pm next day. OK, guess that's not so bad. Other passengers, however, seem to be freaking out. Asking all sorts of questions, making demands. Popping my headphones on and turning on the tunes, I remember what Donna in Brisbane said. Those people with road rage? Yeah, they don't have good music, that's all. Life isn't so bad with good tunes.


The hotel isn't bad, in fact it's pretty nice. Includes breakfast. Can't say no to a free breakfast and a good clean room and bed!

Getting up in the morning, I mozy my way over to the airport and find out... after arriving in Kuala Lumpur, I'm to overnight again for the next flight to Manila from there isn't until the morning of the 2nd. Sigh. In the line, I chat up these two people speaking an interesting language. Turns out they're Italian and also got stuck on the same flight heading to Kuala Lumpur. It's funny but, when I hear Italians speaking to each other, it always sounds like they're mad at one another. Bla bla blah INO! Yakka yak GONZA! Blady blah CCHINI! Que puzza!

Eventually I learned that they're brother and sister and (like my original idea) the sister frequently gets mad at the brother. And because of that, I thought they were 'together' HAHAHA.

Anyway, one longass flight later, I arrive in Kuala Lumpur. It feels like the Philippines. One thousand percent humidity. Sweat condensing on the skin, constantly. Thankfully, my hotel is right next to the airport (free electric kart shuttle! Whee!), the room is super nice, and I get free dinner and breakfast.

Hey, while I'm here, might as well see the city a bit. Why yes, I'll tour a bit of KL on Malaysia Air's dollar. Why not?

Sometimes the choice without form is good. Very good.

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