Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Walking with my eyes in my hands

As you might know, I took a break from the Philippines to see Vietnam and Cambodia around the 9th to the 17th. You also might know (if you read previous entries) I had some issues with traveling and got stuck in Cambodia since they wouldn't let me into Vietnam. At least I still have the photos and good memories, but since I didn't have my camera for the one shot that I wanted to get, I'll just have to describe it to you.

Heading back toward Phnom Phen with a taxi driver that couldn't speak any English (me, being a passenger that could not speak Khmer), we stopped in line with other vehicles getting onto the ferry. Looking outside, you notice what seems like a dense fog, except it only seems to really manifest itself near light and only in this particular area. Looking closer, the fog looks more like it's alive, not flowing as it normally should, but really frothing, almost as if it were shaking, vibrating in anger.

Then you notice that it isn't fog, and that it's hundreds of thousands, millions of tiny flies buzzing madly about the lights. Not merely the few moths or whatnot you'd see circling a lamp, literally a swarm, so thick and so large that if you were to climb up to the bulb, you'd be covered from head to toe in tiny thin buzzing insects.

I really wish I had my camera then.

As for the rest of the areas, I did have my camera with me. Come, walk with me.

Cambodia and Angkor Wat (here for the photo set):

If you go to the Cambodia set, you'll also see the lovely things I got to eat. Unfortunately, the little buggers gave me a crazy allergic reaction the few days I got back to Philippines, but at least I got to try them. It's so sad to be allergic to... um... food.

Vietnam (here for the photo set):

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