Thursday, September 27, 2007

Back to Dublin, Ireland

Headed back to Dublin today to catch a early morning Thursday flight to Edinburgh. Went early to the Kilkenny Castle to see if Idé, the pretty tourguide was around. Alas, she was not to be found.

Back to town, it's time for... Irish breakfast!

Here you see the sausages, rashers, black and white pudding, the fried egg, baked beans, sauteed mushrooms and toast.

I've decided that all breakfasts should come with sauteed mushrooms. And an egg of some sort.

Now at the train station... waiting for the bus.... which is 10 minutes late... A station worker comes out and tells us that the bus will be one hour late. To quote Tan, POOP! Bought a ticket to the train instead (twice as much, poop) and got on. It's nice and toasty on the train, and a much more relaxing and comfortable ride than the bus though.

Back in Dublin, I decide to hit up the Kilmainham Gaol (pronounced 'jail' because it is), an old jail built in 1796. It was important in Irish history because it imprisoned and executed many Irish leaders, which added fuel to their campaign for Irish independence. You can wiki it, I'm just here for photos.

It's quite a surreal place to walk around in.

After the Gaol, went back to find St. Patrick's Cathedral since I missed it on the first day. It took a while to find. Damn city and it's inexplicably difficult signage placement.

Killed some time at the Internet Cafe looking up directions, planning some Edinburgh stuff, and reading up on things.

One more of The Spire before I go.

Goodbye, Ireland. You were a blast!

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squishy #2 said...

i TOTALLY agree with your idea about MUSHROOMS. i had some DAMN GOOD mushrooms for breakfast in Bulgaria. was probably the only superb thing i had there. or maybe that was Romania. either way, those former communist countries (and then there's yours) really know how to make good mushrooms! DELISH!