Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Time to dance

Glasgow is a nice city, although I prefer Scotland's bigger metropolis, Edinburgh, when it comes to looks and history. Maybe it's just that I missed a few things yesterday since things close early (my bad) and some listings in the Lonely Planet actually changed (doh!). It's OK though, I managed to get out early today and see what I wanted and eat what I desired.

In my planning brilliance, I have left it up to October 5th before I fly down to Paris. I'm going to use this time to see the Highlands again because while the city is nice, I love Scotland's natural wonders.

By the way, my hosting solution in Paris was solved due to quick action by my awesome cousin Sheila and her friend Sandra who is currently chillin' in Paris.

I'm staying at a really nice flat here in Glasgow. The host is a really cool girl named Matilda who is paying only 62 pounds/week for a place that is all art deco, wooden floors, and modernesque. That, my friends, is a fantastic deal. She's actually renting it from a filmmaker that... get this... makes pr0n. He uses the place to keep a lot of "props" from his sets.

One can only guess at what kinds of things are kept behind the white sheet in the center of the flat...

In other news, internet is being stolen from the coffeeshop downstairs (free!! woohoo!) but it's too slow to upload photos or do anything else. I can use Skype to call people though, and it manages to keep the connections.

In other news, my ATM card expired yesterday, and I have like, 5 pounds in my wallet.


It's time to dance.


So, I've worked around my "cash" problem for now. I'll just have the ATM card sent to my next destination (Paris!) and in the meanwhile, I can get cash advance thru my credit card. Of course, they say they'll charge the regular APR (which is like, 17% or something) so I'm like, F- that, I'll just prepay my credit card in advance and collect it like a bank account.

And... Skype is awesome. I can call all over the world for like 2 cents a minute (most major countries) and set up appointments and things! How cool is that. All for $10 in measly credit.

Saw a football game today. Rangers vs. Lyon (Scotland vs. France). The Rangers scored pretty early, and then twice more! Each time, the whole bar (which was like, 12 guys watching the big screen) would erupt with cheers and a lot of yelling. I also had a full bottle of Bulmers. 586 mL thank you very much.

I need more water.

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