Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little more Kilkenny

Walked about Kilkenny today, going to such places as this, St. Canice's Cathedral.

Close up:

HDR done right looks so good.

Over at St. Canice's also, you can walk up this giant tower called the round tower. It's tough to get up, especially for me, since I have a backpack full of stuff and the tower gets narrower as you go up. A lot of holding my breath to get higher.

You could imagine how long it took me to get down.

Later in the day, decided to find some good eats (again). Found a place called Zuni, recommended by the hostel caretaker. In Ireland (and possibly other places in Europe) they have early bird menus, or pre-fix menus for 5-7 pm. You can do two or three courses for a decent price. I got some salmon soup thing with a realllllly delicious salmon entree and pesto.

Delicious with the potatoes and chilli mayonnaise.

And of course, the Bulmers.

It glowwwwwws.

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