Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fighting for change

After reviewing various options online and comparing them with the options that the nice concierge girl gave me, and trying desperately to make all the ends meet up and make sure all my bases are covered, I've settled on getting the Vietnamese VISA, flying back to Ho Chi Minh tonight, changing my PAL flight to Jan 17th (it's valid until then) and staying an extra day in Vietnam. This lets me hang out a bit longer in Vietnam with Jenni and Kim, lets me have a "friendly chat" with the tour agency that handed me the shaft, and it's cheaper than the alternative (flying out of Phnom Phen to Manila).

Back to Vietnam tonight. Hope they let me in this time.

By the way, Phnom Phen has the best internet rates. 50 cents USD for an hour, plus their computer doesn't have any restrictions. I upgraded their Skype and gave them some Firefox and Opera love.

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